Election Committee


Board Elections
The main goal for forming this Association is to bring democracy, transparency and equal opportunity to its members.

Election Committee responsibilities:
At a minimum, this election committee will be responsible for:
1) Communicate the election process to the Tamil Group
2) Finalize the nominations
3) Conduct the elections
4) Formulate a 'Foundation' By-Laws from which amendments can be made by the elected body.

All decisions related to the election process will be decided by this group. Your suggestions are very welcome. Your suggestions will be discussed within the election committee.

Positions for ITA Board Members:
Elections will be held for the following ITA Executive Board positions:
1. President
2. Secretary
3. Vice President - Events
4. Vice President - Membership
5. Treasurer

What are the R&R of these positions:

The President shall be the spokesperson of the association. The President will also preside over the meetings of the Executive Board and shall perform all duties of the presiding officer. 

The secretary will convene, call and send notices for all the meetings. He/She will be the 
custodian of all documents of the association and will maintain the minutes of the EB meetings.

Vice President - Events
The VP of Events will be responsible for all the events conducted by the
association. The executive board will be an integral part of organizing all events in the year.

Vice President - Membership
 As the title intends, the VP of membership will be responsible for membership enrollments of the association. 

Treasurer: Treasurer will be responsible for the accounts of the association.

Additional duties of the Executive Board will be laid out in the association by-laws.

What is the minimum eligibility for a candidate?
1. At a minimum, the candidate should have an ability to speak Tamil fluently.
2. The candidate should be a resident of Iowa.
3. The candidate should be a member of Iowa Tamil Association.

Nomination Procedure:
1. Candidates for all the board positions should be nominated by a Tamil speaking member within the Tamil Speaking Community.
2. A separate Tamil speaking member should second the nomination for each position.
3. A candidate is eligible for representing a single Board Position only.
4. Nominations should be sent to  Election_Commmittee_2016@IowaTamilAssociation.org
5. The election committee will update the group on a periodic basis.

What is the nomination deadline?
Nomination deadline is typically two days before the Deepavali event conducted by Iowa Tamil Association. The deadline will be confirmed and announced by EC. Once the nomination is complete, the list of candidates will be published.

ITA Election Campaigning Procedures:
1. Nominees are encouraged to send limited positive campaign emails to the election committee, which will then be shared with the Tamil Group Members.
2. Nominee’s details will be published in the ITA website under Election Committee page.
3. Nominees will be allowed to give campaign speech during the Deepavali function.

What is the term limit for the Executive Board?
One Year. January through December of every calendar year. Elections for the following calendar year will be held during the Deepavali celebrations event.

When is the Election?
Elections will be held during the Deepavali Tamil get together. All voters and candidates should be physically present to participate in the election process. A separate communication will be sent out regarding the Deepavali celebrations.

What is the election process?
We follow the democratic process. Candidates receiving majority of the votes during the election will be the winner of the election.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know. Every suggestion will be considered and discussed within the election committee. We will communicate to the members on any updates to the election process and procedures as soon as the election committee finalizes them.

We need volunteers:
Please send in your interest and we will accommodate your request at every opportunity available.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at 

TheBoard Members,
Nov 20, 2013, 1:55 PM