Date: Saturday, November 5th
Time: 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Venue: Indian Hills Junior High School, Clive


2011 Deepavali


Girls Dance

Kids Dance

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Please sign up by sending email to (with details of adult & kids count)

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1.     Indian National Anthem                                                                 

2.     American National Anthem                           

3.     Lighting the Lamp &  Tamizh Thai Vazhthu -  Ladies             

4.     Bharata Natyam                                                               

Performers: Mystica, Karshana, Roshini

Choreographer: Judie Sudhan

5.     Dance By Mankatha Boys

Performers: Anbu, Vaibhav

Choreographer: Kavitha Shateesh

6.     Song by Girls

Performers: Ragavi, Sabritha

Choreographer: Rajalakshmi

7.     Dance By Ames Girls


Choreographer: Prasanalakshmi

8.     Dance By Shree Sisters & Vasudevan



9.     Dance By Rangeela

Performers: Ragavi, Sindhu, Sneha, Krithi, Vedha, Karshana, Rakshana, Roshini

Choreographer:  Falguni

10.  Dance By Swathi & Simran

Performers: Swathi , Simran

Choreographers:  Swathi & Simran

      *****      Board Members Speech        ****

11.  Dance By Kutties

Performers: Mystica, Surya, Rahul, Iniya

Choreographers:  Judie & Gayathri

12.  Song by Kusma & Rajan

13.  Dance by Kutties

Performers: Sachin & Yasvi

Choreographers: Gayathri & Maheswari

14.  Dance by Humbolt Sisters


Choreographers: Moms

15.  Dance by Girls

Performers: Sangeetha, Deepika

Choreographers: Sangeetha & Deepika

16.  Dance by Aadama Aadiko Boys

Performers: Prakash, Babu, Saravanan, Jaffer

Choreographer: Prakash

17.  Dance by Ladies

Performers: Viji, Judie, Gayathri, Nandhini, Kavitha,Banu

Choreographers: Viji & Gayathri

18.  Dance by South Street Boys

              Performers: Kalyan, Jaffer, Venkat and friends

Choreographer: Venkat

19.  Song by Vijay Chander & Rajan Arumugam

20. Vote of thanks

Event Fees 

  • Member:  $10.00/adult
  • Non-Member: $12.00/adult
  • Extended Family: $5.00/adult
  • Kids: FREE

ITA is looking for raffle ticket sponsorship. Sponsorships of $10.00 or more is welcome. We encourage friends and family to sponsor the raffle ticket give aways during the event. Please contact the board members if you are interested (

Organizers are looking for volunteers to take pictures and record programs during the event. Please contact one of the board members if you are interested.

Those who are interested in positions for the upcoming year, please send your nominations to the group email id. Even if all the positions have nominees, we encourage folks who are interested in any of the positions to be nominated for the elections.

ITA Posts:

  • President
  • Vice-President - Membership
  • Vice-President - Events
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

        Come, participate, enjoy and help us in making this event a big success!


Venue address: 9401 Indian Hills Dr, Clive, IA 50325

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Indian Hills Junior High School