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Summer Picnic


ITA Summer 2011 Picnic

Picnic Detail:

Date and time: Saturday, July 30th, 2011; 10AM to 4PM
Place: Saylorville Lake Sandpiper recreation area
Lunch: Will start between 12 to 12:30PM
Cleanup: begins at 4PM

Potluck: Unlike pervious years, in this event, potluck entries will be decided on a lottery system. The objective is to avoid the first-come first-pick situation, since many of you may not have the opportunity to check your emails in time. All you have to mention is whether you are willing to cook vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The board members will decide on a menu, use lottery system to choose the dish. The list will be announced at an appropriate time, so people can switch their dishes, if needed.

Entry fee: To cover the expenses in organizing this event, we have come up with the following fee structure: 



                Family = free 

                Single = free 

       Not Cooking: 

               Family = $10 

               Single = $5 

 Non- Members 


                Family = $5.00 

               Single = $3.00 

        Not Cooking: 

               Family = $15.00 

               Single = $8.00 

As always, balance sheet for the event will be published within a few days of the event, to uphold the promise of transparency.

Raffle: There will be a raffle for $50.00 distributed during or at the end of the day. Potluck participants (members or non members)  will get 5 free tickets. Others can buy ticket for dollar a piece.  
Volunteers: We are looking for volunteers to conduct events during the picnic. 
Response needed by 7/17: In order to successfully plan and execute the event we need all our tamil friends to respond to the following:
1. Confirmation (with count) if you are attending the event...
2. Volunteering to participate in potluck. If you do, please state your preference (Veg or Non-Veg). Can also call out if you are interested in barbecue(we will provide the coal)...
3. Volunteering to organize the picnic day events...

Address & Direction: 

Sandpiper Recreation Area (IA)

 Click on the "A" bubble and click on "Directions" to get to the location...

NW Polk City Dr